SMI B301 - SmartMan Baby Pro+

SMI B301 - SmartMan Baby Pro+
Construction:Newborn manikin
Simulators family:SmartMan
Quantitative unit:ks
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Quality CPR Training with Accurate Data Control

Gives you the full features of SmartMan Baby Training as well as the Quality Control Information (QCI) module. You can chart trends, compare groups, look at historical changes, and relate results to survival rates. You can work with this feature from the comfort of your desk and you can export it at any time.


Results Management

The quality control module allows you to analyse your CPR results from various locations as needed. SmartMan’s accurate data is stored in the cloud to be easily accessed at any time. You can quickly examine sub-sets of data before you decide export the data.


Validate Over Time

Data can be examined live so you can verify it as it is being performed. This allows you to verify that what you want is being performed. It can be collated at a later time.


Assemble Data

  • Data Available Immediately
  • Auto Send Data to the Cloud
  • Send Data Later
  • Assign to a Profession

Filter Data

  • Filter by Date, Activity, Key Code, or by Number of Attempts
  • Assign Identifiers After Results are completed
  • Exclude Specific Results

Export Data

  • Customized Filtered Data
  • Create Different Data Sets
  • Export Sub-Data Sets to Comma Delimited File
  • Export Data with Comments