SMS SM201 - SmartMan BLS CPR Pro

SMS SM201 - SmartMan BLS CPR Pro
Enhanced CPR Training
Includes all the features of BLS CPR SM101
Basic life support - filter:Adult torso
Simulators family:SmartMan
Quantitative unit:ks
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Proven to Achieve Better Quality CPR

This is a high fidelity manikin with a life-like look and feel. It surpasses other systems in accuracy of measurement, feedback and reports on more parameters that matter to patients.


The Only System Giving Accurate Complete Feedback

This system offers real depth and simple to adjust chest resistance for more realistic practice. It detects leaning on the chest and is sensitive to movement away from the correct spot. Ventilations provide accurate display of volume and accurate real time display for rate as you provide air.



  • Jaw Thrust
  • Hygiene System
  • Wireless
  • Easily Change Chest Resistance
  • Class Management
  • Simulations for Trainers
  • Metronome
  • Print and Export Data