SMI B201 - SmartMan Baby Pro

SMI B201 - SmartMan Baby Pro

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Baby CPR with Accurate Real Time Feedback
Full Body Baby Manikin (1 Month to 12 Months) with Excellent Look and Feel. Very Accurate for Even Very Low Volumes of Air. It Features SmartMan’s Award Winning Real Time Coloured Bar Feedback system.

Accurate Feedback
Compressions - Depth, Rate, Release, Too Deep, & Hitting the Spine
Ventilations - Volume, Rate and Interval
CPR - Suitable for Two Hand Method and In Arm Method

Lung Sizes
Choose multiple lung capacities. Single click to set size.

Volume Control
Feel how different volumes are used on different size babies. See full feedback.

Rate Control
Accurate feedback for even very low volumes. See air on ventimeter as it flows into the lungs.

Improve Tidal Flow
Shows in and out movement of air and proper release of the BVM.


Baby Features

Real Time ACCURATE Feedback

  • At-a-Glance Understanding of Coloured Bars
  • More Accurate than the Competition
  • Covers More Parameters
  • Compressions - Depth, Rate and Release
  • Compressions - Too Deep and Hitting Bottom
  • Ventilations - Volume and Rate of Air Flow
  • Ventilations - Interval Between Ventilations
  • Ventilations - Tidal Flow with Rate and Volume
  • Ventilations - Pressure From Incorrect Release of BVM

BLS CPR Skills (AHA & ERC Guidelines 2020)

  • CPR - Supporting All Protocols: 30:2, 15:2, 3:1
  • CPR - Or Set Your Own Protocol
  • Ventilations - Rescue Breaths (Feedback on Volume, Rate, and Interval)
  • Ventilations - Change Lung Capacity For Practice On Di¬erent Size babies
  • Ventilations - Special Tutor Activity
  • Ventilations - New Guidelines 2020 Activity
  • Practice and Test modes

Quality Control Tool

  • Create User Name (password protected)
  • Write Comment and Save with Results
  • Save and Print Results with Names
  • Print Class Lists
  • Export to Excel

Quick & Easy To Use

  • Metronome On / O¬, User Sets Rate
  • Self Challenge by Turning Feedback O
  • Immediate Percentage Score
  • Review Performance with Coloured Bars
  • Display Chart of Results
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SMI B201 - SmartMan Baby Pro

SMI B201 - SmartMan Baby Pro