Vacuum and safety dryers

Both BINDER vacuum drying chamber models enable effective drying without residue or damaging the material being dried. With their proven technological features, the excellently address the strict requirements of industrial and scientific laboratories.

Samples and similar materials incorporating flammable and non-flammable solvents can be dried, depending on the individual use. The chambers use a unique safety design that, together with accustomed outstanding performance, sets the bar in terms of quality and safety.

  • Series VD | Vacuum drying chambers for non-flammable solvents
  • Series VDL | Vacuum drying chambers for flammable solvents




OV4-30 - Vakuová sušárna 2 150 points. OV4-30 - Vacuum Oven
Order Number: 9002.AAH13315K
Volume [l]: 28
Inner dimensions (w × d × h) [mm]: 302×305×302
External dimensions w×d×h [mm]: 534×522×655

5 203,00 Eur with VAT 4 300,00 Eur

OV4-65 - Vakuová sušárna 2 678 points. OV4-65 - Vacuum Oven
Order Number: 9002.AAH13325K
Volume [l]: 65
Inner dimensions (w × d × h) [mm]: 402×405×402
External dimensions w×d×h [mm]: 636×622×755

6 485,60 Eur with VAT 5 360,00 Eur