Robot in a pharmacy? Of course!obot v lékárně? Samozřejmě!

    Of course, new trends and advances have not escaped pharmacies. In many of them all over the world, and of course also in our country, automated robotic systems help with the storage and dispensing of medicines and facilitate the daily work of pharmacists. 
    We are an authorized partner of BD Rowa™, the world leader in pharmacy automation. We have our own installation and service team.


    Meet the HAL S5301

    Gaumard's most advanced patient simulator. It combines audio streaming, facial expressions and realistic movement. 
    Realistic stroke scenarios with symptoms such as: facial droop, head drop, head, arm and hand movements.

    We are an authorized sales and service representative of BINDER for the Czech Republic

    • Dryers, Biological incubators, CO2 incubators
    • Climatic, Growth, Test and Simulation Chambers
    • Vacuum and Safety Dryers


    Polytechnic classrooms

    We offer you a complete solution for polytechnic classrooms (school workshops) with certified equipment. The basis are unique workshop tables for universal use and of course there are also optional accessories, such as locksmith's vises, miter gauges, supports, stops ...

    Virtual Interactive Trainers

    Virtual simulators for teaching human anatomy, detailed examination of heart function including simulation of heart defects, or for training surgical skills.

    About Helago

    In our company, the support of education and training forms the largest part of our product portfolio. It's clear that you can have fun learning all your life.

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Instruments and equipment for laboratories, diagnostic centres

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Equipment and aids for pharmacies, hospitals, surgeries



Pharmacy automation, pharmacy and storage systems, pharmacy robot

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