SMG MG201 - SmartMan Megacode Pro

SMG MG201 - SmartMan Megacode Pro

Order Number: 4118.SMGMG201
Advanced Code Training.
Includes all of the features of Megacode MG101.
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This training system brings unprecedented quality of CPR to your megacode team training. It maintains a high quality performance for skills as team roles are practiced. Events are recorded on the time-line and quality of skills is tracked automatically.


Delta Tidal Flow Interaction System

Delta Tidal Flow Interaction System is ONLY found in SmartMan. This technology provides accurate measurement and a life-like physical feel for the interaction of chest compressions and ventilations. The real time digital display shows the movement of air in and out of the lungs during performance of CPR.


Debriefing with Accurate Data, Roles and Skills are Linked

Critical Events are related to quality of skills performed. An at-a-glance graph shows the quality of skills performed in each stage.

You see the hands-off time and the health status of the patient. When debriefing you have accurate data at your fingertips so you know exactly how the code could be improved.


NOTE: Control PC or tablet is not a part of delivery.

Adult manikin
Quantitative unit
SMG MG201 - SmartMan Megacode Pro

SMG MG201 - SmartMan Megacode Pro