Eye showers TOF

Eye-washer spray heads are made using a combination of plastic material associated with a brass body and valve with anti-corrosion epoxy coating. The jet has a fl ow regulator able to absorb any dangerous pressure overloads from the water mains. In accordance with the DIN EN 15154 standard, the lever is activated with a single movement and has a catch to ensure the continuous delivery of water with total freedom of movement of the hands. The eye-protection cups, made from soft, non-allergic rubber and fi tted with a dustproof cap, prevent potential trauma and help direct the fl ow of water correctly.

Supply: G3/8 (to be connected to the water mains, use drinking water)
Minimum water pressure required: 2 bar

Water flow:

> 6 l/min (for single eye-washer)
> 12 l/min (for double eye-washer)

Stainless steel hose: 1.5 m long, supplied
Emblem: supplied in accordance with legislation