Interactive whiteboard

Modular system Interactive assembly

Are you thinking about buying a new interactive whiteboard, but you’re afraid of a large initial investment? Contact us! We will convince you that it is easier than you thought.

We can offer you a modular system of interactive assembly EkoTAB

Interactive whiteboards appear more and more often in our schools. Its rapid expansion is often frustrated by the fear of a large initial investment. Thanks to the special modular system EkoTAB can be this problem also quite easily and efficiently resolved.

Whole interactive assembly can be now easily purchased in various independent steps.

Modular system Interactive assembly

    • 1. step - purchase of ekoTAB board placed on the lifting aluminum frame with white ceramic surface of center section.

High-quality ceramic surface of whiteboard provides common use of whiteboard markers. At the same time you have the basis for future interactive desktop.

    • 2. step - purchase of universal aluminum arm ekoTAB

Universal aluminum arm is specially developed to be compatible with any projector with short or ultra short projection distance. When you change the projector, it is not necessary to look for new arm or adapter.

    • 3. step - purchase of any interactive projector

Development of interactive projectors goes steadily forward. Our market is represented by numerous global producers of audiovisual equipment and it is up to you which brand you prefer. Assembly will be no problem thanks to the universal arm.

The modular system guarantees you that your interactive whiteboard doesn’t become outdated iron!


Interactive assembly

We offer a range of other ekoTAB products such as bulletin boards, screens, one or more pieces blackboards… We will prepare a specific offer based on your needs, we might imagine and design the optimal solution.

Do you need more information? Feel free to ask us, we will help you.