Cooled incubators

BINDER cooling incubators are gentle on samples and provide high-quality performance. Every KB Series cooling incubator thus makes safe, reproducible incubation possible, even at high ambient temperatures. Together with the efficient weekly program function, a cooling incubator from BINDER is truly versatile in laboratory work with microorganisms. The KT Series combines exceptional performance with low energy consumption. Additionally, every BINDER cooling incubator offers true added value with its exemplary environmental sustainability.

KB ECO 1020 Chlazený inkubátor s thermoelektrickým (Peltierovým) chlazením 5 529 points. KB ECO 1020 Cooling incubator with environmentally friendly thermoelectric cooling Thanks to thermoelectric cooling technology with patented heat dissipation, the new KB ECO cooling incubator is one of the most energy-efficient cooling…
Order Number: 2103.90200425
Brand, Manufacturer: Binder
Volume: 1020
Temperature range: 0 °C až +70 °C (max. 26 °C under ambient temperature)
Internal dimensions (w×d×h): 973 × 836 × 1250 mm

19 114,37 Eur with VAT 15 797,00 Eur

1-24 50

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