About us

The HELAGO was founded in March 1992 to represent A&D Company Limited which is a Japanese manufacturer of weighing and medical tools. The company experienced quick expansion especially thanks to pharmacies which became its main target market. The company’s own factory building was built in 1993 and first pharmacy furniture was made there the same year.

As the company developed, it began to extend its target market to include the equipment for laboratories, specialized schoolrooms, scientific institutions, medical facilities etc. These days it operates in the following fields:

  • layouts, projects and manufacturing of laboratory furniture including fume hoods and laboratory tables
  • layouts, projects and manufacturing of pharmacy interiors
  • supply of laboratory apparatus, equipment and expendable material
  • specialized schoolrooms equipment for all kinds of schools and educational institutions
  • teaching materials for the natural science classes
  • teaching materials for engineering schools and universities
  • medical simulators and phantoms for the training of first aid, nursing and medical skills

The company is always seeking to increase the quality of its products and service. It has been a holder of Quality management system ČSN EN ISO 9001:2001 certificate since 2004. The effort to develop itself has become tradition in the company.

We believe that you appreciate this effort…