Automatic Dispensers ROWA Vmax, Rowa Smart

Automated dispensing system brings to your pharmacy more efficient way of storing, dispensing faster and more comfortable, higher prestige, and most importantly, satisfied customers.


What are the advantages of automation?


Main advantage: optimized pricing structure
Automated solution means not only less work, but also simpler tasks. While previously a lot of time was dedicated to inventory management, today a big part of these operations is performed automatically and more effectively.
      • Easier storage
      • Less capital on stock
      • High inventory turnover
      • High stock availability
      • Consistent maintenance costs - up to 40% lower costs per pack
Intelligent space usage:
Rowa-Vmax-uskaldneni-lecivWith automated Rowa systems the available space can be used much more efficiently. In expensive areas of big cities it is a great advantage to have a possibility to create a stock in less expensive parts of the building, such as basement, or upper floors for instance. Even in these situations the medications are supplied to a sales floor very quickly and reliably by means of custom made conveyor technology.


Main advantage: more time for consultation with customer thanks to less workload of staffu
Thanks to an automatic storage you don't have to leave a customer. It means that you have more time for really important things such as giving advice and pharmaceutical care. Thanks to this attention paid to each customer the probability of additional sales rises.
An average interaction between pharmacist and customer lasts only 3.5 minutes. Without storage and dispensing system you need 126 seconds, which is 60% of this time, to find and bring a medicament. Then there is not much time left for consultation. With Rowa systems it is totally different; no going away from customer nor hectic looking for a product, but a lot of time for an intensive consultation and giving advice.
Bridging staff shortages
It is expected, that experienced employees will be missed in the coming years. Such staff shortages can be partially compensated by a Rowa system. Personnel can be used for value-adding activities, back work and stock management can be done by the Rowa.
An automated stock management means less stress and less stock activities for the employees. With a Rowa, you will be also more attractive as an employer.


Your benefits with a Rowa system

Experience and expertise - 6,000 pharmacists trust in a Rowa system
When it comes to storage and dispensing systems, the majority of pharmacists trust in a Rowa system. Over 6,000 systems sold in 30 countries attest to the success of the automation systems Made in Germany. Alongside cutting edge technology and customer focus, BD's entrepreneurial stability guarantee a partnership you can rely on.

Enormous flexibility - 100 or 5,000 customers a day
Rowa storage and dispensing system from BD is a perfect fit in every pharmacy. Different types and sizes and customer-specific conveyor technology allows us to produce individual solutions - be it for the village pharmacy or a hospital dispensary. Your Rowa system will allow you to achieve a very high level of automation. For example, even refrigerated products or orders for collection can be stored in your Rowa. This saves you making additional trips. And another thing: a Rowa system is compatible with all current pharmacy IT systems and is therefore easy to integrate.
Our service is always there for you
The successful installation of a machine is based on intensive consultation and planning. A member of our project planning team will accompany you through the whole planning and realisation phase and will ensure that both the build and commissioning run smoothly.