Dividing Systems

Dividing systems H+H are a simple but very effective.

They allow for a clear arrangement of things in drawers, on shelves, in modular basket systems according to ISO and DIN. Installation is easy, requiring no professional assembly or special tools.

The system is a suitable complement to newly made furniture but can be easily installed in furniture already finished.For practical and simple installation the H+H dividing system is widely used by both designers and cabin makers and furniture makers for whom this system is saving time In the production and then the assembly of furniture. An indirect H+H dividing system saves final customers' money.

  • Flexible drawer dividers
  • Flexible shelf dividers
  • Modular tray system in ISO and DIN
  • FlexShelf - storage and work
  • Labeling and logistics
  • Refrigerator organisation
  • Cart organisation
  • Medical drawers
  • Medication distribution 


The H+H dividing system increases your storage capacity up to 30%