WIC 3 - Walk-in-chambers for Stability Testing and Storage

WIC 3 - Walk-in-chambers for Stability Testing and Storage

Order Number: 2103.98000013
The walk-in-chambers offer a wide range of features and benefits to perfectly meet requirements in stability testing. Perfect test conditions are maintained in a wide range of temperature from 10°C to 50°C and relative humidity of 20% to 90% RH.
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  • Stable and uniform environment
  • Fully complies with Pharma regulations (ICH)Equipment
  • Longevity - corrosion resistant
  • Ease of operation
  • Environmental friendly refrigerant with GWP value 547
  • Maintenance possible with the least possible disruption to the climate conditioning
  • Perfectly meets requirements in Pharma industry
  • 3 years warranty


  • Relative humidity accuracy of ± 2.5%
  • Temperature accuracy of ± 1.5°C
  • Duct work for proper distribution of air
  • Highly insulated room panels with U value of only 0,21 W/m2K
  • LED Lighting with motion detector
  • High quality room elements, made in Germany
  • Interior completely stainless steel
  • Exterior service accessibility
  • Room Elements: Galvanized sheet steel, polyester coated, white, similar to RAL 9010, interior surfaces in stainless steel,4 inch / 100 mm PU foam U value 0,21W/m2K

Floor overlay is chrome-nickel steel, pattern-rolled 5WL

Surface load:
50.000 N/m2

Humidity range [%rH]
Temperature range [°C]
Inner dimensions (w × h × d) [mm]
2400 × 2270 × 4700
Quantitative unit
WIC3 - Walk-in klimatická komora pro stabilitní testy a skladování

WIC 3 - Walk-in-chambers for Stability Testing and Storage