MX Drawers

MX Drawers

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The MX series is designed for storing fast-moving goods. The number of columns and drawers height can accommodate the architectural needs of your pharmacy, pub, etc., while maintaining the full convenience of storing medications in the vicinity of the operator. Most often, they are used as a tare drawer, or by a loot of free sales.


Advantages of the FAMA 7007 drawer system

  • Easy and fast assembly
  • High variability
  • Automatic boot system
  • Practical division using sliding dividers
  • Full extension
  • Full or perforated bottom

Dimensions produced:

The MX series drawers are manufactured in three column widths (410 / 592.5 / 775 mm) and two different drawer depths (450/550 mm).

Zásuvky MX - rozměry

The number of columns, as well as the number and height of the drawers, can be customized to the individual needs of the customer and the space, and the height of the individual sockets can be selected in steps of 25 mm from the minimum height of 100 mm to 275 mm. The drawer height is always about 5 mm smaller. Drain bottoms can be full or perforated, which significantly minimizes dust deposits on the bottom of the drawers and thus contributes to higher purity.

TypeWidth [mm]Depth [mm]Price without VAT
M2 450 410 450 on request
M2 550 410 550 on request
M3 450 592,5 450 on request
M3 550 592,5 550 on request
M4 450 775 450 on request
M4 550 775 550 on request
Vzorová sestava zásuvek MX

Note.: Due to the large variability of the FAMA 7007 drawer systems (number of columns, drawer height, etc.), it is not possible to set the price in advance. But do not hesitate to contact us, we will be glad to provide you with an accurate price calculation of your chosen sets.

For practical use of the FAMA 7007 drawer systems, you can look at the Photogalery Pharmacy and interior furniture.

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Zásuvky řady MX

MX Drawers