GX large-capacity drawers

GX large-capacity drawers

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It is an all-metal self-supporting drawer system that excels in its quality, reliability, practicality and, last but not least, great variability.

Primarily, the system is destined for pharmacies for storage of pharmaceuticals and pharmaceuticals, but can be easily used in other interiors where there is a demand for clear and practical storage of the assortment.

velkokapacitní zásuvka řady GX

Advantages of the FAMA 7007 drawer system:

  • Quality, practicality, variability
  • Simple assembly
  • Full extension
  • Large storage space
  • Automatic boot system

In pharmacies, the GX series large-capacity drawers are most commonly used as a lump for a "HVLP" storage tare. Individual sockets can be labeled with alphabet (plastic mat with the combination of up to seven letters) and can be distinguished by a different color of the beads, which can be either sheet metal (in RAL shades) or lamellar design.

The interior space of the sockets can be comfortably divided by easily adjustable dividers. This will increase the visibility of staff and prevent the free movement of stored goods. Due to the possibility of storing large quantities of drugs and pharmaceuticals in a relatively small floor space, the GX drawer system is the right choice.

Dimensions produced:

The GX series generators are manufactured in a 410 mm column width at four drawer depths of 900, 1000, 1100 and 1200 mm. The number of columns, as well as the number and height of the drawers, can be customized to the individual needs of the customer and the space, and the height of the individual sockets can be selected in steps of 25 mm from the minimum height of 100 mm to 275 mm. The drawer height is always about 5 mm smaller. The drawer sockets can be full or perforated, which improves the consistency of the stored goods on the upper floors, while the perforated bottom minimizes the settling of dust on the bottom of the drawers.

TypeWidth of
column [mm]
Useful depth
od drawer [mm]
Total depth
of drowers [mm]
GX 900 410 800 900
GX 1000 410 900 1 000
GX 1 100 410 1 000 1 100
GX 1 200 410 1 100 1 200

Patented full-drawer drawer system

All drawers are equipped with a patented folding arm mechanism. Thanks to this mechanism, the drawers can be fully extended to their full depth to provide convenient access to the medication stored in the back of the drawer. Due to this simple yet clever solution, the full drawer is not at the expense of the utility depth of the socket, as is the case with third-party socket systems.

GX detail sklápěcího mechanismu   Zásuvka GX - plnovýsuv    Zásuvka GX - plnovýsuv detail

Optional accessories

The individual drawer columns can be supplemented by a central lock and, in the case of higher assemblies, a staircase that provides easy access to the top sockets. If the step is extended and loaded, it automatically locks against movement. After it stops being used, it automatically returns to its home position.

Centrální zámek - volitelné příslušenství k zásuvkám GX   Výsuvný schůdek - volitelné příslušenství k zásuvkám GX   Výsuvný schůdek k zásuvkám GX - praktické použití

If you need to use a smaller drawer depth than the smallest of the GX series (for example, you need to bypass the support column, etc.), you can combine the drawer system with the MX series drawers.

For practical use of the FAMA 7007 drawer systems, you can look at the Photogalery Pharmacy and interior furniture.

Note.: Due to the large variability of the FAMA 7007 drawer systems (number of columns, drawer height, etc.), it is not possible to set the price in advance. But do not hesitate to contact us, we will be glad to provide you with an accurate price calculation of your chosen sets.

Quantitative unit
Velkokapacitní lékárenské zásuvky řady GX

GX large-capacity drawers