Rowa Vmotion - New way of presenting OTC products in pharmacies

Rowa Vmotion - Nový způsob prezentace produktů v lékárnách
Virtual shelves with drugs
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Why Rowa Vmotion?

  • Saves space in your pharmacy
  • No need to rearrange exposed goods all the time
  • No need to dust the shelves
  • Fresh design of pharmacy of 21st century

Rowa Vmotion - new way to present medicaments

Rowa Vmotion offers pharmacies a completely new approach to creating clear and flexible over-the-counter displays. Instead of shelves holding real display packages, OTC and other non-prescription products are shown to customers on large multi-touch screens – which means rearranging, tidying, restocking, and dusting are now a thing of the past!
The modern multi-touch screens are available in a range of sizes: 22", 46", 55", and 65". With an anti-glare finish and elegant design, they fit into the pharmacy's interior design concept to create a modern and timeless look.

Incredibly simple operation – maximum impact

The content of shelving is managed and collections are prepared via the web portal. Based on, the shelves can be simply customized by dragging and dropping. The centralized management option for your pharmacies significantly reduces the maintenance workload. Your data are saved and permanently available through mirroring on the Vcloud server.

When confidentiality counts – discreet consultation with Rowa

You do not have to forgo the convenience of a virtual over-the-counter display even when advising customers confidentially. A 22" screen inset into the consultation counter means only you and your customer see the selected indications.
The mobile version with a Microsoft Surface tablet is even more flexible. This allows you and your staff to advise customers even when not at the counter. Both options, just like the mounted screens, are connected to the Rowa Vmotion server and have the same content and functions.

Innovative functions for effective customer communication

The high-resolution touchscreens provide a wide range of options for displaying your goods. In addition to broad assortment displays, individual packages can be shown in perspective, stacked, and also scaled in size. The "cross-selling" function makes it considerably easier for staff to recommend products and also increases the probability of additional sales.

VMotion and intelligent storage and dispensing systems, Rowa Smart Rowa Vmax

Touchscreens Vmotion can be linked with smart storage and dispensing systems or drugs Rowa Smart Rowa Vmax. One of the indisputable advantages of linking Rowa Vmotion with automated dispensing system is that it minimizes your inefficient time previously spent moving through the pharmacy and vice versa maximizes your precious time for possible communication with your customers. Now the touch screen to select the customer desired product from the menu and robotic system Rowa Smart Rowa Vmax or will take care of delivery directly to the counter. Rowa Vmotion control is very intuitive.. 

Come with the times and ensure a pharmacy of the 21st century! Replace your shelf for interactive retail space!