Rowa Vmax - Intelligent storage and dispensing system

Rowa Vmax - inteligentní systém pro skladování a výdej léčiv
More sophisticated model that can be added, for instance on a system of automatic filling medication.
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Intelligent storage and dispensing system Rowa Vmax significantly facilitates the work in pharmacy!

With the Rowa Vmax, all options are open. Thanks to its many and varied configuration possibilities, it gives you a maximum of flexibility regarding size, storage, conveyor technology and additional equipment. In this way, it can adapt to your individual needs..

Neat and tidy

The Rowa Vmax places pack next to pack with precision, making use of all available space for storage. As a result, there is room for up to 4,000 packs per running meter in the Rowa Vmax. And that gives you more space in your pharmacy.

Eight at once

Thanks to HD-Multi-Picking® the Rowa Vmax can move as many as eight packs at a time. Its operation is precise and amazingly fast: In just a few seconds, you have the medication that you requested at the counter. The Rowa Vmax takes care of many smaller tasks for you, saving time that you can use for your customers. And it does it all extremely quietly. Despite its high speed, the Rowa Vmax works almost without a sound in the background. It's a quiet helper with an average sound pressure level of Lp(m) 48.3 db (A). 

TÜV certificate

Our products provide considerable support for the work of a pharmacist. So it's particularly gratifying when this quality is made visible—through TÜV certification. The Rowa Vmax is the only system of its kind to carry the GS mark from TÜV. For our customers, that means they can always rely on the uniform quality and consistent safety standards of our products. And that's a promise.

Flexible solutions for available space

You yourself can decide what the Rowa Vmax should look like for your pharmacy. The various size classes enable its customization for any pharmacy. We have the right solution for you, too.


Rowa-Vmax-automated system for storage and dispensing of medicines

Varianty systému Rowa Vmax:

Rowa Vmax 130

Rowa Vmax 130 can be easily integrated into narrow rooms. With a wide range of available options the system offers excellent flexibility in terms of its size, input system, conveyor technology and additional options..

Rowa Vmax 160

Rowa Vmax 160 is our classical solution. It provides a greater capacity in comparison with smaller systems. Each system is customized to suit your personal requirements. This is noticeable by the dimensions of flexibility and innumerable options for configuration according to your wishes..

Rowa Vmax 320

Rowa Vmax 320 It is ideal for pharmacies with large warehouses that require a high degree of automation. It offers a maximum capacity for the room especially square or rectangular shape..



Technical Specification for individual types and further information on request.

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