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Blood pressure monitors

Keep your hearts

We offer you excellent blood pressure monitors of high quality and precision of the Japanese brand A&D Medical. We offer all types of personal meters for domestic and professional blood pressure measurement. From small wrist meters, through automatic digital blood pressure monitors to professional mercury-free monitors of classic design (sphygmomanometers) and BP monitors for medical devices.

Keep your hearts all right!

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Code Product name Points per item Number of pieces Price without VAT
0801.UA767SW Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitors UA-767S-W 27 48,40 Eur
0801.UM102A UM-102A - Professional Blood Pressure Monitors 89 162,00 Eur
0801.UA782 UA-782 - Blood Pressure Monitor for Women 44 80,90 Eur
0801.UA855 UA-855 - Blood Pressure Monitor 76 138,00 Eur
0801.UB511 UB-511 - Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor 27 49,60 Eur
0801.UB512 UB-512 - Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor 31 55,60 Eur
0803.AXUM10201 AX-UM-101-01 - medium 0 35,70 Eur
0803.AXUM10203 AX-UM-101-03 - large 0 41,30 Eur
0803.TM242004 Replacement Cuff for TM 2420/2421 - medium 0 166,50 Eur
0803.TM242004R Replacement Cuff for TM 2420/2421 - medium, right 0 166,50 Eur
0803.TM242007 Replacement Cuff for TM 2420/2421 - small 0 166,50 Eur
0803.UACUFFL UA-CUFF-L - large 0 20,60 Eur
0803.UACUFFM UA-CUFF-M - medium 0 15,60 Eur
0803.UACUFFS UA-CUFF-S - small 0 15,60 Eur
0801.UA704 UA-704 - Blood Pressure Monitor 17 31,30 Eur