UA-855 - Blood Pressure Monitor

Tonometr UA-855 - měřič krevního tlaku
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The UA-855 has encased a sophisticated memory recall system in an elegant body, a feature shared among our UA-85X series. The UA-855 is the only model that provides you with such comprehensive data, allowing you to monitor your health up close.

Outline of the memory recall system:

  • 2-Person individual storage
  • 120 Memory for each person

Information that can be reviewed from the stored memory data:

  • Single value of stored data (All data, A.M. data and P.M. data)
  • Average of stored data (All data, A.M. data and P.M. data)
  • Histogram of stored data
    • Duration selection (All, 1 Month & 1 Week)
    • AM/PM selection (All, AM & PM)
    • Systolic/Diastolic selection

In addition to the sophisticated memory recall system, the UA-855 has extensive features to enhance your monitoring at home.

  • Graphical blood pressure classification indicator/LED indicator
  • Histogram display for stored data
  • Two independent memories (120 x 2) + average reading with time, date and temperature
  • Room temperature display
  • Various memory recall functions for closer monitoring (All, 1 Week, 1 Month - with AM/PM selection)
  • New large and bold display for easier reading
  • Smooth and fast measurements
  • Irregular Heart Beat (IHB) indicator