SHERPA Self Training CPR Model

SHERPA model pro nácvik KPR
SHERPA model pro nácvik KPR
Basic life support - filter:Adult torso
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  • Detailed decription

Product description

  • Incomplete relaxation Checking
  • Chest Compression, Airway, Ventilation skill practice all available
  • Total number of chest compression and accuracy displayed
  • Instant Compression depth displayed
  • Chest Compression depth and rate checking available with LED lamp
  • Sound (On/Off) alarmed once user make the proper compression depth
  • Chest-rising up checking once user give the proper artificial respiration
  • Semipermanent AED electrode pads provided for training
  • Face-skin and lung self-replacing (Hygienic method)
  • Storage bag can convert with training mattress
  • Both Battery and AC adapter all available

Chest compression

  • Chest compression training
  • Compression depth is detected over 2.5 - 3 inches
  • Compressing speed, depth, counts and incomplete relaxation are displayed in real time

Airway opening

  • Head tilting / chin lifting actions are possible

Artificial ventilation

  • Mouth to mouth resuscitation training
  • Artificial respiration training with a Bag Valve Mask

AED training

  • Magnetic type semipermanent AED electrode pads are supplied