HAL S5301 - the most advanced interdisciplinary patient simulator

HAL S5301 - the most advanced interdisciplinary patient simulator

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Meet the most advanced interdisciplinary patient simulator in the world.

From emergency care to ICU and med-surg training, HAL is engineered to fulfill educational objectives across clinical disciplines and blur the lines between simulation and real life. New conversational speech, lifelike motor movement, next-gen simulated physiology, UNI® 3, and many more industry-first capabilities usher in the next revolutionary leap in simulation.*

Conversational Speech

Facilitate patient-provider communication training like never before. Gaumard Neural Speech model enables HAL to converse naturally with providers by understanding context, responding automatically, and getting smarter over time.*

Lifelike Motor Movement

Introducing the next generation in HAL robotics. Simulate realistic stroke scenarios with lifelike motor reflexes, including facial drooping and head, arm, and hand movement.

Real Medical Equipment Support

Designed from the ground up for true-to-life in situ training. HAL supports the broadest selection of real mechanical ventilators, patient monitors and sensors, and defibrillators of any simulator in its class.

Advanced Anatomy and Physiology

HAL introduces the latest advancements in simulated cardiac, respiratory, and vascular physiology, including arterial access, lung compliance, hi-fi auscultation, and much more.

HAL® legacy, innovation, and evolution.

HAL S5301 is the revolutionary next step of the HAL brand, trusted by the top simulation programs worldwide. HAL S5301 continues the design philosophy introduced with the first HAL model launched nearly 20 years ago: to enable training how and where care happens.

Introducing UNI® 3

Manage vitals, assess, and debrief with UNI 3-our most powerful and intuitive control software ever. The new UNI 3 is loaded with new tools and scenario content to help you facilitate world-class simulation learning experiences.

Gaumard MR™ Ready

Using the latest mixed reality technology, Gaumard MR blends digital educational content into the real world, allowing participants to gain knowledge and skill through an entirely new hands-on training experience.

Gaumard Ultrasound™ Ready

Go beyond task practice and train ultrasound imaging through immersive emergency scenarios. Gaumard Ultrasound simulates the function, look, and feel of a real, portable ultrasound machine. Transducer range of motion is natural, and imaging is true to life.

Meet the new HAL S5301

S5301.L - HAL - Nejpokročilejší interdisciplinární pacientský simulátor dospělého muže

HAL S5301 - the most advanced interdisciplinary patient simulator