Boyle's Law Apparatus

Zařízení k pokusům s Boylovým zákonem
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Device for experiment-based determinations of the dependence between the volume and pressure of a gas at constant temperature (Boyle's law).

Consists of a plexiglass cylinder with graduations for volume measurement, piston, manometer and air inlet / outlet valves.

Turning the handle moves the piston via a thread in the plexiglass cylinder. This allows a generation of overpressures and underpressures. For safety reasons, the power cylinder is enclosed in another plexiglass cylinder.

  • Length: 300 mm approx.
  • Internal diameter: 40 mm approx.
  • Piston: approx. 30 × 40 mm dia.
  • Piston seal: 2 O-rings
  • Manometer diameter: 100 mm approx.
  • Pressure range: 0 N / cm? – 40 N / cm?