YES - size XS

YES - velikost XS
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The cultural technique of Spencer has been able to identify two kinds of cervical immobilization:

  • YES Immobilization, allows the patient to reply “yes” when asks the operator if all is well.
  • Silent immobilization, with all the other devices that to do not comply with the YES technology, the patients are obliged to move the head because it is impossible for them to speak. This movement, commonplace in ordinary immobilization, could be damaging and cause further serious injury.

The double valve collar is based on a physical principal which permits transfer to the vertical components, of the physical strength that the operator applies to the device, when placing it around the patients’ neck. This technique allows for the correct extension of the cervical column, thus obtaining a neutral alignment, limiting the possibility of error. The YES collars are realized in thermo-pressed, biocompatible, closed-cell polyethylene, which guarantees excellent efficiency and:

  • reduces the inflection-extension to the minimum
  • minimizes pressure on the carotid
  • guarantees X-rays, CAT scan and MRI investigations compatibility

The reduced weight of the primary structure and the unique design have allowed us to:

  • increase the opening at the front for an easier access to the carotid artery and to create a convenient access for the tracheotomy
  • re-design the profiles of all collars and reduce the number of sizes available whilst maintaining the same scientific precision of immobilization
  • increase the radius of the borders to improve the comfort of the victim
  • increase the thickness and expansive density of the internal lining, to give a decisively improved level of comfort to the patient