W42537 - Motor Neuron Diorama

W42537 - Model motorického neuronu
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Motor neuron diorama magnified more than 2,500 times, this motor neuron model represents a fully three-dimensional reproduction of a motor nerve cell situated within a milieu of interacting neurons and a skeletal muscle fibre. The membranous envelope has been cut away from the neuron on the motor neuron model to expose the cytological ultra structure, organelles and inclusions within the cell body. Branching dendrites, communicating synapses and a myelin-wrapped axon with node of Ranvier, project from the neuronal surface of the motor neuron model. A section of the axon lifts off of the motor neuron model to let you view the tightly-wound layers of the enveloping myelin sheath and neurolemma, as well as the Schwann cell which formed them. Motor neuron diorama mounted on a wooden base.