UV sterilization cabinet UVC-01

Inner dimensions (w × d × h) [mm]:433 × 500 × 468 [mm]
Ext. dimensions (w×d×h):450 × 509 × 610 [mm]
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  • Detailed decription

Effective sterilization 254nm ultraviolet lamp and Fluorescent lamp

  • Adjustable UV-timer for precise control of decontamination
    • The variable digital timer for UV exposure with detail settings by second. (Delay OFF : Max. 30min)
    • Long life (Up to 8,000 hour) UV lamp
  • Anti-glare fluorescent lamp is installed on the center ceiling of the work space area, minimizing shadows and relieves eye strain

User-Friendly Control System

  • Microprocessor-based control system
  • Bright and vivid VFD display with responsive touch buttons
  • Easily indicating the total use time and operating time on the screen

A reliable interlock safety system

  • An audible alarm for product and sample protection against UV over exposure
  • For safety UV-opaque and resistant 99.99%, thick acryl front, back and sides
  • Automatic UV lamp safety shut OFF, in case the door is opened, which prevents accidental UV exposure
  • 304 grade stainless steel work surface - Highly durable and rust free work zone, made for easy cleaning
  • Self-protection against over-current