US-14b - Ultrasound Neonatal Head Phantom (abnormal type)

Ultrazvukový fantom hlavy novorozence (abnormální typ)
Ultrazvukový obrazUltrazvukový obraz
Phantoms and simulators:Ultrasound phantoms
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This head phantom is designed to demonstrate abnormal anatomy, such as Hydrocephalus, the shape of the skull is altered due to intracranial pressure.


Training skills

Scanning of brain anatomy in Sagittal (Angled Parasagittal), Coronal and Transverse planes via any fontanel.



  • Skull
  • Anterior fontanel, Posterior fontanel
  • Hypertrophied lateral ventricle

Set includes

  • 1 ultrasound phantom
  • 1 storage case

Manikin size: W5.1 x D5.5 x H7.8 inch