TruIV Block

TruIV Block - pro nácvik IV kanylací
TruIV Block - pro nácvik IV kanylacíTruIV Block - pro nácvik IV kanylacíTruIV Block - pro nácvik IV kanylací
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Part of the TruUltra product range, the TruIV Block allows learners to gain proficiency in the skills associated with IV cannulation. Featuring 8 veins (superficial and deep) ranging from 4-8mm in diameter, users can practise the use of ultrasound during IV procedures.

Model Features

  • Realistic features: Features 8 veins (4 superficial and 4 deep) plus fascia layers for enhanced realism.
  • Target various veins ranging from 4mm to 8mm in diameter. Ultrasound imaging is incredibly lifelike
  • Confirm successful IV cannulation procedures by withdrawing blood
  • Ready to begin training in under 5 minutes
  • Unique, self-regenerating TruUltra materials diminish the appearance of needle tracks to facilitate a high volume of repeated practice. The insert will facilitate approx. 4000 needle penetrations before a replacement insert is required
  • Replacement insert is cost-effective and easy to replace with no disruption to teaching time
  • Delivered in a compact, protective carrier case – perfect for training in different locations
  • Longitudinal and transverse anatomical viewing options
  • Compatible with all ultrasound machine brands

Medical Procedure Training

  • Ultrasound-guided IV cannulation
  • Probe positioning & movement
  • Recognition of veins in soft responsive tissue