TruInfant IO Leg - pediatric intraosseous training leg

Cannula, injection, puncturing - filter:Lower limbs
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The TruInfant IO Leg is a realistic task trainer for practicing the skills associated with intraosseous (IO) infusion of the tibia. This model is based on a 5-month-old infant.

Featuring realistic anatomy including the tibial tuberosity and patella, users can identify the proximal tibia intraosseous needle insertion site. Learners benefit from lifelike resistance when penetrating the medullary cavity.


Features and Benefits:

  • Realistic: Features realistic anatomy includingthe tibial tuberosity and patella. Learners canidentify the proximal tibia intraosseousneedle insertion site
  • Lifelike training: Lifelike resistance whenpenetrating the medullary cavity
  • Positive user feedback: Confirm successfultechnique by withdrawing blood
  • Ready-to-use: No set-up required! Begintraining immediately using IO inserts pre-filledwith blood
  • Interchangeable: Replacement IO insert isquick and easy to replace with no disruptionto teaching time
  • Transportable: Delivered in a durable carrycase for easy transportation and safe storage

Medical procedure training:

  • Identification of proximal tibia intraosseous needle insertion site
  • IO tibia needle placement
  • Aspiration of marrow blood through syringe
  • Recommended equipment size: Size 18G needle

Package contents:

  • Model is delivered in a durable carry case for easy transportation and safe storage.
  • 1x TruInfant IO Leg training model
  • 4x IO Tibias (1 attached & 3 spares)
  • 3x tibia insert connector pins (long)
  • 3x tibia insert connector pins (short)