Bovine Theriogenology Model

Theriogenologický model hovězího dobytka
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  • Detailed decription
  • rear portion of our Hereford model constructed in epoxy/fibreglass
  • Constructed with pelvis, soft perineum palpation panel, inflatable vinyl rectum and flexible tail
  • Includes the Bovine Theriogenology Uterus Set:
    • Open cow, suitable for AI training
    • Heifer, suitable fot AI traing
    • 45 days of pregnancy, with slightly enlarged horn and amniotic vesicle
    • 60 days of pregnancy, with uterine slip and fetus
    • 90 days of pregnancy, with uterine slip, fetus and placentomes
  • All models have reprentations of cervix, broad ligament and have interchangeble ovaries
  • Varius representations of ovaries displaying different stages of follices and corpus luteum
Replaceable parts- Palpation perineum panel, tail, each uterus