SYMSuit - Size L (40 in US/UK)

SYMSuit - Size L (40 in US/UK)

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The SYMSuit nursing simulation suit allows realistic training on real persons.  It helps nurses develop technical and communication skills through interaction with a simulated patient, role-playing and scenario rehearsal.

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Most common nursing skills to practice on a real person

From conceptualization to creation, the SYMSuit was brought to life.

Who would have thought the SYMSuit was born from a nursing session with dolls? The students saw the need to level up their communication and social skills, realizing the limitations of the standard plastic patient simulator. And voila, the wearable nursing simulation suit was born, ready to host task trainers for a one-stop practice session in both technical and communication skills.

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Role play - Scenario - Simulation training. Practice technical and communication skills with simulated and standardized patients, from basic tasks to challenging situations.


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SYMSuit velikost L

SYMSuit - Size L (40 in US/UK)