Stack Cajon, height 45 cm

Stohovatelný cajon, výška 45 cm
Stohovatelný cajon, výška 45 cm
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Our new stackable drum stools are super stable, sound great and are very space-saving. Whether in kindergarten, in the music school or in the classroom, there is space for the stackable cajons, because you can simply stack them on top of each other.

The stackable cajon is 45 cm high for bigger players. The boxes are made of high quality birch wood. Inside there is a permanently installed snare carpet, which ensures an appealing snare sound. But also a great bass sound is guaranteed with the stool.

Every Baff STACK Cajon comes with our hand stickers so that you can mark the tones bass and snare. We also supply a free drum book with rhythm exercises and children's songs to replay.