Aged Simulation Suit (size M) - yellow

Souprava simulace stáří (velikost M) - žlutá
For height 155 – 165 cm.
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  • Detailed decription

The best teaching material to experience being aged! Easy to wear! You can experience various features by wearing just this! Low cost, compact!

  • Ear plugs - We have especially  made the high sound level difficult to hear by 44 % which makes it possible to experience conditions close to impaired hearing of the aged.
  • Special goggles - We have laid 3 lenses which makes it possible to experience color sense change, a narrower view and a blurred condition due to cataract.
  • Adjusting belt (chest and back) - Can experience bent back of the aged. Can experience various postures of the aged  by limiting body movement bounds.
  • Gloves - We have used thin knit fabric gloves that fit well. Skin senses are made dull to make it slippery, so you can experience the condition of dropping things easily.
  • Cane - Can experience feeling the need of a cane.
  • Stationary sticks (elbows and knees) - They make it hard to bend joints. Can experience the difficulty of stiffened joints and numbness due to apoplexy which are common among the aged.
  • Weights (wrists and ankles) - Can experience the condition of the elderly of raising one's arms and legs with difficulty.
  • In traditional teaching materials you had to put on each part of the arms, legs and back separately, but this suit has made it possible to experience various features of the aged by just wearing it.
  • It's easy to put on like wearing clothes.
  • By putting on partially or half, you can experience a specific feature of the aged.
  • You can adjust the bending angle of the back and body.
  • By taking off weights, you can wash and keep clean.
  • It's light and compact. Comes with a carrying bag for your convenience.
  • It's cheaper than other teaching material and allows for a more broader study.
  • Size M (yellow): for height of 155 - 165 cm
  • Weights:
    • M: for legs 400 g (4), for arms 200 g (4)
  • Stationary stick:
    • for legs (thick stick): 30 cm (4)
    • for arms (thin stick): 25 cm (4)
  • Accessories:
    • Special goggles (can wear above glasses) 1 piece
    • Gloves 10 pairs
    • Ear plugs (washable) 20 sets
    • Cane (folding, length adjustable) 1 piece
    • Bag (green for S / LL size, yellow for M size, orange for L size)