SB23527 - Venipuncture Training Aids - Four-Vein Model

SB23527 - Model pro nácvik venepunkce se čtyřmi žílami
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These unique training aids permit the realistic practice of starting an IV as well as being excellent models to practice the mechanics of “no stick” IV catheters. Both models display blue veins which are barely discernible through the semi-transparent, tissue-like material. When accessing, the skin rolls as you palpate the vein and a “pop” is felt as the needle enters the vein. The two-vein model has two different-sized veins positioned at the same depth. The four-vein model has three veins of different diameters and a fourth vein deeply placed. Both models enable the user to increase the difficulty and thus improve skills. Made with latex-free Dermalike™ that offers 50% less needle drag when accessing and improved tear resistance which permits a greater number of needle “sticks.” Also comes with a protective, snap-on cover over the tissue pad. These lightweight, easily transportable, economical, and nonstaining training models are an alternative to larger, heavier, and more expensive models. Overall dimensions: 61/2" x 51/2" x 11/4" (17 x 14 x 3 cm).

  • SB25040 - Four-Vein Model - Pkg. of 5. Sh. wt. 5.50 lbs. (2.49 kg)