SB18636 - Chester Chest

SB18636 - Hrudní model Chester
Cannula, injection, puncturing - filter:Trup
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Develop total competence with the three most common types of long-term vascular access routes with one simple, portable training aid.

External Central Catheter

  • Pre-positioned, surgically placed in the right chest
  • Subcutaneous tunnel is visible up to and just over the clavicle
  • Distinguishable Dacron® cuff
  • Distal catheter end is pre-attached to the blood reservoir bag

Implanted Vascular Access Device

  • Located in the left chest under a specially formulated flap designed to simulate real human tissue
  • Situated over a rigid underlying surface with molded ribs and a recessed area for the interchangeable inserts
  • Three difficult accessing inserts placed either under or over the port to simulate palpating and accessing a port with one of the following types of placements: normal, "tipping", "wandering", or "deeply placed"

Peripheral Placed Central Catheter

  • Located in the rotated, extended, detachable right arm
  • Dual lumen 5FR PICC exits the slightly raised, basilic vein on the right inner biceps
  • Optional peripheral port can be added to the recessed area
  • posterior to the PICC insertion site
  • The base of the recessed area is made of soft material that permits the port to "float" when accessed
  • Tissue flap included when placed over the port allows for a realistic feel when palpitating and accessing
  • Pre-positioned 20G IV catheter in the right forearm
  • Catheters are pre-attached to a blood reservoir bag
  • Complete blood draws, heparinization, and fluid infusion while attached or unattached to the torso
  • Right arm peripheral port
  • Subclavian, Triple lumen, and Jugular catheter