Fight Fat Kit

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Teaches the five food groups, the Food Guide Pyramid, serving sizes, personal fat budgets, and food trade-offs. The program includes: a weight management book, Fat: When More is Less poster, food pyramid poster, 1-lb. fat replica, an artery section with blockage, and resealable bags for storage. Kit also contains 16 Life/form® replicas:

Low-Fat Foods:

  • beans, refried
  • cake, angel food
  • cereal, dry
  • chicken breast, grilled
  • grapes, green
  • milk, skim
  • potato, baked
  • tortilla, corn

High-Fat Foods:

  • bacon slice, fried
  • candy bar, small
  • ice cream, vanilla
  • pizza slice
  • potatoes, French fries
  • spaghetti and meatballs
  • waffle
  • wiener