Organic Molecule Set D

Sada organických molekul D
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Molecule building set for assembling three-dimensional models of organic molecules and for clarification of their spatial configurations. Many chemical compounds can be represented clearly and phenomena such as structural isomerism, optical isomerism and geometric isomerism can be illustrated. The spectrum ranges from simple molecules such as alkanes, alkenes and alkynes, alcohols, aldehydes, ketones, carboxylic acids, esters, ethers, halogenated compounds, amines, amides, cycloalkanes to biochemical molecules, amino acids, aromatic molecules and polymers.

24Cblack4 wholestetrahedral109°
6Cdark grey3 wholestrigonal120°
2Cdark grey2 wholeslinear180°
6Cdark blue5 wholestribipyramidal90°, 120°
40Hwhite1 wholeone sided-
12Ored2 wholesangular105°
4Nblue4 wholestetrahedral109°
1Syellow4 wholestetrahedral109°
1Syellow2 wholesangular105°
8Cl,(F)green1 wholeone sided-
4Ppurple4 wholestetrahedral109°
2Nagrey1 wholeone sided-
1Ca, Mggrey2 wholesangular105°
Electron clouds:
6lone pairlight beige
6unhybridised p-lobepurple
6unhybridised p-lobepink
55mediumlight grey
25long, flexiblegrey