S408.100.PK - Newborn IV and Arterial Access Training Arm

Cannula, injection, puncturing - filter:Upper limbs
Quantitative unit:ks
Order code:
  • Detailed decription
  • Lifelike skin provides a realistic look and feel
  • Realistic arterial and venous network
  • Palpable radial and brachial pulse
  • Adjustable pulse strength and rate (0 - 180 BPM)
  • Ulnar and cubital venous access sites support cannulation, infusion, bolus injection, blood draw/collection
  • Radial and brachial arterial access sites support cannulation and blood sampling/collection
  • External blood reservoir for continuous fluid supply and vessel pressurization and observe flashback
  • Easily replaceable veins and arteries
  • Articulating wrist allowing palmar flexion
  • Use as a stand-alone or attached to stand
  • Allows transillumination for vein access
  • Latex-Free