Super Chloe + OMNI2

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Super Chloe™ is an adult manikin designed for training general nursing clinical skills, including IV training, CPR, heart/lung auscultation, blood pressure reading, ostomy care, catheterization, GYN exam, and more. The package includes our VS100 smart stethoscope and the new OMNI® 2 control tablet which offers real-time CPR quality feedback, virtual patient monitor support, and debriefing tools.

Nursing Care Training with OMNI® 2

The new OMNI 2 features nursing-specific simulation tools designed to help boost skill acquisition, enhance the simulated experience, and support assessment and debriefing. It's the one handy tool that can do it all.

Wireless Virtual Patient Monitor Support

Train measurement, interpretation and documentation of vital signs to improve planning and decision making skills. The Gaumard® Virtual patient monitor mimics standard patient monitors readings including: temp, HR, RR, BP, glucose, and much more.

eCPR™ - Real-time Resuscitation Feedback

Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your CPR training by monitoring metrics such as rate and depth in real-time. eCPR also offers performance reports to help you identify weak areas in performance and for keeping records of your training sessions

Data-rich Debriefing Tools

Automatically records events during simulation. Select from lists of common actions specific to a scenario type or algorithm. Save and share session logs for archiving and debriefing.

Package contents:

  • Super Chloe™ with wireless OMNI 2 capability
  • OMNI 2 wireless control tablet
  • Interchangeable breast modules
  • Gynecologic Insert Pack
  • VS100 – Heart and Lung Smart Stethoscope
  • Power supply