S155.250.PK - Five-Year-Old PEDI Nursing Care Patient Simulator with OMNI 2

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The PEDI® S155.250 is a multipurpose simulator designed to help participants practice and develop pediatric nursing care and resuscitation skills, including CPR, intubation, and other life support procedures.


  • Full Body with soft, lifelike face skin with molded hair
  • Eyes can be closed or opened manually: realistic eye sockets
  • Head tilt/Chin lift
  • Endotracheal intubation
  • Nasogastric intubation
  • Tongue, teeth, and realistic airway
  • Intraosseous infusion
  • IV training arm
  • Femoral vein
  • Manual palpable pulses
  • Carotid, Femoral, Brachial
  • BVM with realistic chest rise
  • CPR anatomical landmarks
  • Chest compressions and ventilations are measured and logged
  • Lavage/gavage
  • Intramuscular injection sites
  • Simulated ear canal
  • Practice gastric suctioning exercises
  • Articulating head, jaw, arm, and legs
  • Detachable at waist for easy storage
  • Carrying bag and instruction manual

Package content

  • Five-Year-Old PEDI® Nursing Care Patient Simulator
  • Power Supply
  • OMNI® 2 Handheld Controller
  • Carrying bag and instruction manual