S108.100 - Premie HAL® 24-Week Preterm Newborn Skills Trainer

Premie HAL® simulátor 24týdenního novorozence
Premie HAL® simulátor 24týdenního novorozencePremie HAL® simulátor 24týdenního novorozencePremie HAL® simulátor 24týdenního novorozence
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The Premie HAL® S108.100 is a lifelike, 24-week preterm patient simulator designed to facilitate the training of healthcare professionals in the areas of airway management, respiratory support, and resuscitation.



  • Age: 24 Week preterm neonate
  • Length: 12.5" (31.75 cm)
  • Weight: 1.3lbs (.59 kg)


  • Lifelike, anatomically accurate oral cavity and airway
  • Lifelike gums and appropriate sized tongue
  • Endotracheal intubation
  • Sellick maneuver
  • Nose and oral cavity suction


  • True-to-life lung compliance
  • Visible chest rise following recommended flow, PIP, and PEEP values
  • Supports standard positive pressure ventilation devices including BVM, CPAP, and mechanical ventilators


  • Pulses (manual)
    • Brachial
    • Femoral
    • Umbilical
    • Fontanelle
  • Realistic chest recoil during CPR

Vascular Access

  • IV cannulation
    • Hand
    • Scalp
    • UVC/UAC infusion and sampling
  • PICC line placement
  • Navel insert


  • Gastric distention
  • Patent esophagus
  • NG/OG intubation
  • Gastric suction and feeding

Package Contents

  • 24 week preterm neonate
  • IV bag, stand, and tubing
  • Filling kit
  • Drainage kit
  • Scalp IV inserts
  • Squeeze bulb with tubing kit
  • Navel insert
  • Umbilical cords
  • Replacement left IV arm
  • Baby blanket
  • Diaper
  • Mineral oil lubricant
  • Concentrated blood
  • Medical tape
  • Canvas carrying bag