RVO 400 Standard - Rotary Vacuum Evaporator

RVO 400 Standard - Odparka vakuová rotační
Brand, Manufacturer:INGOS
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Rotary vacuum evaporator RVO 400 is an advanced model of INGOS Laboratory Instruments Ltd. INGOS Laboratory Instruments Ltd continues in the long tradition of the Czech laboratory instruments manufactures. RVO 400 represents a new model line which allows use of evaporating flasks from20ml up to 4000ml.

Streamlined design consume less space and offers user friendly interface. Innovations ensure effective, easy and safe evaporating with maximum comfort. Sucking pipelength was reduced by 36%. The evaporator is fitted with a clever digital measuring and control system. Remote Control and Vacuum Controller became standard components of the apparatus despite it still adheres to inexpensive costs.

New WIRELESS REMOTE CONTROL (optional) and new safety BATH SHIELD (optional) together with Motorised Lift and Automatic Timer Switch provide most secure rotary evaporating ever.

Many configurations of glass assemblies are available. Standard glass assembly can be changed or enlarged upon request from a wide range of glass parts and accessories with reasonable costs.

Rotation speed: 0 - 200 rpm
Evaporation flask: 20 - 4000 ml
Bath temperature: max. 180 °C
Temperature accuracy: ±1° up to + 100°C - water filling, ±3 °C up to +180 °C - oil filling
Pressure difference: 50hPa (can be modified upon request)
Condensing surface: 1200 cm2