Refraktometer RFM742-M - digital automatic

Refraktometr RFM742-M - digitální automatický
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RFM742 is a 2-decimal place instrument ideal for use in beverage plants.
Types of refractometers:Automatical digital refractometers
What do I measure:Sugar % (°Brix), Refractive Index RI
Scale:Sugar % (°Brix) / Refractive Index (RI)
Range:0 - 100 / 1,32 - 1,54
Graduation:0,01 / 0,00001
Temperature compensation:Yes
Number of ranges:2
Quantitative unit:ks
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Refractometers for Food and Beverage Applications
RFM700-M Series refractometers are robust, low cost, fully automatic instruments that are ideally suited to the food, sugar and beverage industries but can also be used in many other non-food applications where temperature control is not required, for example measuring sugar (°Brix) concentrations in the food processing industry.

Automatic Temperature Control

Sample temperature stability is also important. The RFM700-M Series allows the input of a delay time that forces the operator to wait for countdown before reading, ensuring reliable results every time.

Date, time, batch & operator identifiers can be entered via the alphanumeric keypad or in the case of batch numbers, via a barcode reader connected to the instruments USB port. Over 8000 results can be saved for download. The instrument can also be connected to a printer or laboratory PC, with results being output in printed or CSV formats or as a Secure PDF.

RFM700-M Refractometer auto sense buttonAnother new feature for the RFM700-M Series is the instruments ability to sense a sample being placed on the prism so that it can make a measurement “hands-free.” Push-button or continuous read functions are also selectable.



Key Features

  • Auto-sense "hands free" measurement
  • Classic red or new full colour M-Model display
  • Simple audit trail (date, time & batch no.)
  • Alpha-numeric keypad for easy data entry
  • USB connectivity
  • Flat sapphire prism surface for easy-cleaning
  • Simple operaration for factory environments
  • Selectable read type: Continual, single, intelligent auto-sense

Software Features

  • Easy to use Installation Wizard
  • 7 Menu languages
  • Brix and R.I. scale as standard
  • Multiple user defined scales
  • On-board clock
  • Batch and Quality numbers
  • Supervisor PIN
  Refractive Index
  Sugar (°Brix)

1.32 – 1.42

1.32 – 1.54

1.32 – 1.54
  Refractive Index
  Sugar (°Brix)



  Refractive Index
  Sugar (°Brix)



Precision (Reproducibility)
Refractive Index
Sugar (°Brix)

± 0.00005
± 0.05

± 0.00005
± 0.05

± 0.00001
± 0.01
User Scale Library 20+ pre-programmed scales including HFCS (3), Sugar (4), Honey, NaCl, Wine Must (5), Urine SG (3), Glycol (2), Urea, FSII and more; plus customer programmable user scales via PC.
Reading Time Minimum 4 seconds (optional time delay)
Temperature Control None – Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC)
Temperature Compensation ICUMSA, AG, User, none
Sample Temperature Range 0-100 °C
Measuring Temperature Range 5-40 °C
Temperature Sensor Accuracy ± 0.03 °C
Sample Temperature Stability ± 0.05 °C
Temperature Compensation
  Sucrose (°Brix)
  AG Fluids

5 – 80 °C
5 – 40 °C 
Simple coefficient (units/ °C) or polynomial function
Temperature Stability Checks Delay in seconds or none
Sample Illumination Light Emitting Diode 589nm (100,000+ hours)
Prism / Dish Artificial Sapphire / Stainless Steel 316 / PEEK (spill barrier)
Prism Seal Silicon/Resin
Interfaces 1 x USB (A), 1 x USB (B)
Power Instrument: 24 V DC, ±5%, <1A 
External PSU: 100-240V, 50-60Hz (supplied)
Humidity Range <90% RH (non-condensing)