PH-8 - Lung Cancer Screening CT Phantom LSCT001

PH-8 - Lung Cancer Screening CT Phantom LSCT001

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LSCT001 is a CT phantom developed to facilitate optimizing the radiation dose and other scanning conditions for Lung Cancer Screening CT examination with Helical CT or MDCT, which is aiming at early detection of lung cancers.
As the screening is usually done on healthy people, the necessity of minimizing the exposure while maximizing the image quality is considered to be particularly high.

The phantom is designed to set conditions for detection of small early lung cancers such as GGA, which are difficult to be found by plain X-ray. Anthropologic structure of the phantom provides life-like images allowing operators visual evaluation, while quantitative evaluation on radiation dose and density curve of the image can be done stimulatory with a single scanning.

Set includes:

Phantom includes:

  • 1 Chest Phantom: life size torso with arm up position
    • Internal structures: bones, simulated tumors on sections of three lung area (apical portion of the lungs, bifurcation of the trachea, base of lungs), dose meter hole (13 mm dia., on the central axis of the phantom)
  • 1 8-step linearity phantom
  • 8 steps of 30mm dia. density samples are embedded
  • 1 adjustment base


Chest Phantom

  • Measurement around the chest 93 cm
  • Height 45 cm 
  • Weight approx.18 kg

Linearity phantom

  • Diameter 200 mm 
  • Height 100 mm
Phantoms and simulators
Rentgenové fantomy
Quantitative unit
PH-8 - Model k nácviku počítačové tomografie při vyšetřování karcinomu plic LSCT001

PH-8 - Lung Cancer Screening CT Phantom LSCT001