Helmholtz Coils on Mounting Plate

Pár Helmholtzových cívek na desce
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The Helmholtz Coils generate a homogeneous magnetic field and can be used to determine the geometric properties of the Helmholtz configuration. Two coils are arranged parallel to each other and mounted on a robust metal base plate.

  • Base plate includes a pocket for a magnetic field meter
  • One coil and its holder are movable
  • Coils can be connected in parallel or series
  • Two scales are printed on the base plate for accurate measurements
  • Number of turns: 100 each
  • Average coil diameter: 125 mm
  • Coil width: 33 mm
  • Terminals: 4-mm safety sockets
  • Max permissible current: 5 A
  • Max coil separation: 240 mm
  • Scale division: mm
  • Base plate: 400 × 200 mm

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