OPTIKAM C-B5 - 5 MP CMOS camera for microscopes

OPTIKAM C-B5 - 5 MP CMOS kamera pro mikroskopy
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  • Detailed decription
Cost-effective CMOS camera for routine applications
Recommended for educational microscopes and routinary microscopes, also as eyepiece camera
  • Aptina CMOS sensor with excellent color reproduction for routine applications
  • 5.1 MP resolution
  • Eyepiece and C-mount connection for each application required
  • Excellent color reproduction
  • Can be connected to monocular, binocular or trinocular microscopes
  • Including 3 softwares (OPTIKA Vision Lite, OPTIKA Lite View and OPTIKA Pro View) for Windows. Lite versions available for Mac OS and Linux
  • Equipped with lens for optimized field of view, 30 and 30.5 mm eyepiece adapter rings and calibration slide for establishing measurement baselines