NS 5 - Hallux valgus model

NS 5 - Model vbočeného palce
Limbs and joints:Končetiny
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  • in SOMSO-Plast®, made in co-operation with Dr. Urs Schneider.

The purchased hallux valgus model is a frequent orthopaedic clinical picture as an accompanying aspect of splay feet or pes phanovalgus. On the one hand the model shows the "first ray? pathology with abduction of the first metatarsal bone, adduction and pronation of the proximal phalanx as well as the facultative flexed distal phalanx. On the other hand the significance of the pathological muscle pull for the ethiology and therapy of the deformity is shown. The role of a pathological muscle pull direction in the progression of the hallux valgus can be studied as an example for many other deformities.