NORDIC SimplyRec

NORDIC SimplyRec
NORDIC SimplyRecNORDIC SimplyRecNORDIC SimplyRec
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Bring your portable recording system with you to your department, car, forest, or another training site where the permanently installed system cannot be utilized.
3 HD cameras with microphones, together with wireless computer screen capture feature makes SimplyRec a cost-effective package.

Nordic SimplyRec is a compact portable simulation recording and debriefing system for various training needs.

Do you sometimes come across situations in your work where it would be good to record your customer service situation, training, lecture, interview, negotiation, consultation, etc. for later analysis, sharing, and further processing?

SimplyRec is a simple, very easy-to-use simulation recording system packed in the backpack. With this small-scale, however adequate equipment, situations can be recorded simultaneously from several different angles, if necessary.

SimplyRec works well for example for journalists, physiotherapists, sports coaches, and veterinarians.


Package includes

  • Laptop recorder
  • Nordic debriefing software
  • 3 cable connected HD cameras with microphones
  • 3 camera extension cables
  • Soft carrying case
  • One year warranty