Variable Inductance Coil

Nastavitelná indukční cívka
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No investigation into electromagnetic theory is complete without measuring the inductance and self-inductance of a current-carrying coil (depending on the insertion of an iron core) and exploring AC circuits.

Our copper wire coil features a shock-resistant plastic casing with lifting handles, a coated iron core mounted on a worm screw for moving in and out of the coil, and a scale printed in cm for reading the length of core inserted into the coil.

  • Number of windings: 3 000
  • Max. permissible voltage: 30 V AC, 60 V DC
  • Max. permissible current: 2 A
  • Inductance: continuously adjustable from 0,15 to 1,4 H, for current of approximately 1 A
  • Resistance: 12,5 ?
  • Connections: via 4-mm safety plugs
  • Dimensions: 265 × 145 × 130 mm
  • Weight: 6,2 kg