MZ02519 - Educational Horse Model, 16 parts, 1/3 natural size

A model of a horse (mare), 1/3 natural size.

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A model of a horse (mare), 1/3 natural size. Intended for teaching purposes, for pupils and students. The model is installed on a base with wheels, and can be divided in two parts along its sagittal plane. The right part shows the outer skin of the animal, and the left part presents body and limb muscles. When two halves are separated, the left side shows the chest and the abdominal cavity with detachable organs, and the right side of the model shows main blood vessels, the heart, the abdominal cavity wall with detachable organs. A half of the model’s head can also be detached from the half showing muscles.


The model can be divided into 16 parts.

  • Right side of the head (outside)
  • Left side of the head (muscles)
  • Right side of the trunk (outside)
  • Left side of the trunk (muscles)
  • Left front leg
  • Right gluteal muscle
  • Heart (2 parts)
  • Left lung
  • Stomach (2 parts)
  • Small intestine
  • Large intestine
  • Liver
  • Left kidney
  • Spleen