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Model s nasální částí a bradou
AirSim Bronchi je nejvyšším modelem v řadě simulátorů AirSim. Obsahuje navíc anatomicky věrný model bronchiálního stromu až po průdušky čtvrté generace.
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The AirSim Bronchi is the latest product addition to the AirSim family, providing anatomically correct detail down to the fourth generation bronchi.

The AirSim Bronchi provides exceptional detail in both internal and external features; made possible through a combination of cutting edge moulding technology and carefully handcrafted processes.

The AirSim Bronchi unit will provide a solution to your training needs in:

  • Diagnostic bronchoscopy.
  • Lung isolation techniques using left and right endobronchial tubes and bronchial blockers.
  • Lung suctioning techniques.

For clinicians and industrial clients,the AirSim Bronchi is a leading choice for demonstration of items such as:

  • Fibreoptic bronchoscopic equipment.
  • Single and double lumen tubes and bronchial blockers.
  • Specialised bronchial stents.

The AirSim Bronchi can also be used in a similar manner to the AirSim Multi and can cover an extensive range of training requirements.

Trucorp recommend the following equipment sizes for optimal performance:

  • 7.0-7.5 mm ID for nasal intubation
  • 8.0-9.0 mm ID for oral intubation
  • Size 3 and 4 for LMA laryngeal masks
    (similar respective sizes for other supraglottic devices)
  • Size 35F - 37F for endobronchial tubes.